Himalayan mountains have always been a place we fantasize traveling through. The Terrain is tough, but beautiful at the same time. Most of us associate this mountain range to Peace and Serenity. Hence, We all have a dream to trek through the Himalayas, at least once in lifetime.

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Kasol Backpacking Tour - Tour
  • New Aruna Nagar, Delhi
  • 7 Nights 6 Days

Kasol Backpacking Tour

₹ 12,000

   This tour is perfect for beginners looking for an adventurous trek in the lower Himalayas.This place is popular for its dense pine forests, Panoramic views of Himalayas, the relaxing natural hot water springs (Manikaran & Kheerganga), waterfalls (Rudranag), short hikes, serene villages (Kalga, Pulga, Tulga,Grahan,Tosh) ,and the valley's natural beauty, bustling local culture of Kasol.     The crisp mountain air coupled with delicious Himachali & Israeli food with the smell of burning herbs coursing through the otherwise unpolluted air makes Kasol the so-called “Amsterdam of India”.It is called Mini Israel of India due to a high percentage of Israeli tourists here. One should also take a short hike to Malana from Kasol to experience the centuries-old local Malana culture. The total distance of the Kheerganga Trek is 10 km. The trekking trail starts at Bharsaini camp, and it goes literally 5 to 6 hours walk.Kheerganga is known for its natural hot water springs, one must definitely take a dive in the hot water pool in Kheerganga to feel hot and cold, at the same time. Grahan is around 8 km from Kasol in the Parvati valley.The village has some beautiful temples with significant architecture.Hiking is the only option for tourists and locals to reach the village from Kasol. Quick Info  Duration              : 7 Nights - 6 Days Difficulty              : Easy to Moderate Highest Altitude  :  ~ 10,000 feet Temperature       : -3 – 8°C